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Busy Bees!

My full-time job has been very time consuming of late. A number of changes have increased my workload, and hours worked to around 60 a week! Its been all 'work-eat-sleep' with very little time to do anything else except squeeze in a little bit of you-tube before bed, and one of our favourite homesteading subjects is beekeeping. I'm starting to feel like a worker bee myself. On the upside, it does have its rewards, though not honey in our case (yet).

More products are on the way! Thanks in equal measure to overtime and sales, we have put in an order for our second batch of products, which we are both extremely excited about. My husband and I both love trying some of the new items, as its all great on our sensitive skins. We will be reviewing them in the new section of the blog... We really will this time!

The products section of the store has already been updated with the new items, and we even added a new 'Coming Soon' page, so all we need to do when it all arrives is take photos, and add the quantities into the store.

The sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed a few minor changes too. Slowly, due to my limited Paintshop Pro skills we have been enhancing our logo to make it neater, and to better reflect our business image. We hope all the attention to detail and background work makes the website a pleasant place for you to visit. If you have any suggestions, or products you'd love to see here, then let us know in the comments below.

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