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eBay Vs. Our own store

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

I've finally got all of the links updated and working on our 'gallery' of items. The plan was to sell some items on eBay, and include links to our website, with some products sold Exclusively here.

That still is the plan, but it is on hold for a short time due to the costs involved. Once we've sold a few more items on eBay, I'll upgrade our subscription again with Wix to enable store transactions. The added bonus of doing this is to remove the annoying Wix banner ads. Money well spent I think!

Another option was to have an actual eBay store page, but I'd rather not rely entirely on that crutch. Ultimately, we want to be big, and brave, and self sufficient. We'll always list a couple of items on eBay, just to add in our website link, and hopefully generate more visits to our website.

Progress is being made, and all will be revealed soon!

We hope you will stay with us on our journey.

26 December 2019.

After trialing the store on here for several months, we have found that all of our sales have continued to come through eBay! You live and learn! So we have closed the store on this webpage, and added in a gallery which links to our new eBay store. It is very good, and gives us a lot more functionality, as well as showing customers who view an item what else we have in the shop, we can easily set up promotions and add categories etc. The costs to use are similar too, which has made the decision easier.

We have been slowly increasing our product range with Snail soap, and Herbs Of Bulgaria products, and the next order will be increasing the range of mens' products, which have proven to be very popular. We hope you will continue to follow our progress, and buy yourself something nice from our shop!

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