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Regina Rose Exclusive Nourishing soap

We sell a lot of soap, and have quite a range so what is the attraction? When I think about a soap for daily use the reason I prefer a bar soap to the increasingly common liquid soap, is the feel of my skin afterwards. As you lather with this soap it feels soft, and as you rinse, your skin is left feeling clean, without any greasiness, or stickiness sometimes associated with a gel. The soap is enriched with a concentrate of Bulgarian rose oil and rose water, which gives it a lovely fragrance, and dried rose petals, which help to exfoliate your skin.

The main attraction to my family is the Bulgarian rose oil fragrance. The delicate, sweet floral scent stays with you long after using the soap. None of the rose products are overpowering, but that doesn't make its fragrance weak.

Several members of our family have suffered with eczema, and skin allergies brought on by harsh cleaning products, so can enjoy many benefits from the use of soap containing rose oil. Rose oil contains several antiseptic, anesthetic, aromatic, antibiotic and therapeutic compounds known to promote healing in the body!

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